Book Is Usually Better Than The Film Adaptation

Book Is Usually Better Than The Film Adaptation

I always believe that the book is better than it’s film adaptation in so many reasons. Many parents want their children to read the book before watching the film adaptation. This is because if you read the book, you have an image in your head of what the character looks like, what their voices sound like, and what the scene looks like, and usually it is pretty good. But when you watch the film, all those appearances gets altered.

film adaptationWhen you watch a movie, you begin imagining that the characters in the book in fact look like the actors that are in the film adaptation. The film creators use famous people to act out the characters in the book. For example, in the book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Percy is expected to “look” like a 12 year old who doesn’t know what he is doing and would lose any brawl he got into. But in the film adaptation, Percy looks sort of athletic, and is 16 years old. So when you the reading a book, you see him as a sort of weakling, but when you see the movie, the whole visualization you already have gets shattered.

One other thing is when you read a novel, there may be parts of the book that you really like that you would like at see on the TV screen. But then, when the film adaptation finally comes out, the part you like isn’t even filmed!

Writing a book or a novel is a lot less complicated than making a movie. With a book you can describe places that come out of your creativity, which could never become “reality” no matter how hard Hollywood tries.

On the other hand the film adaptation can also be better than a book. With a movie, you don’t have to read anything, you can watch a movie while doing homework if you wanted to. But with a book, the only thing you can do is read, you can’t read a book and do homework at the same time, that’s impossible. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t read a book just because I had to actually read it, but when you’re reading a book, all you can do is read the book.

But, with a book, you can carry it anyplace you prefer, and stop any time you prefer and subsequently, just start reading specifically where you stopped. But with a movie or the film adaptation , you have to watch it at home, and you have to keep in mind when you stopped in order to start again.

One thing that I don’t like about films is that people only make motion pictures around 2-3 hours long because they are afraid that people won’t enjoy it if it’s too prolonged, which means they have to cut a lot of parts out and then put some more parts in to let it make sense. But with a book, it can be as long as the author wants it to be, as long as it all makes sense. I’ve seen people who read books that are over 600 pages long and not mind a bit, but when a 3 hour movies comes, they just can’t concentrate that long.

These are all the major differences between a book and its film adaptation and most of them are in favor of the book. Therefore books are better than the motion picture.


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